The Mission of “AIM”: “Aiming to Reach the Next Generations: From One Generation to the Next!”

Our focus for 2018 is: "Who Am I?"

Please join us Sunday November 11th at Laurel Woods Activities / Community Room in Ashland for Church Service 8:45 - 10:00am and then for Sunday Funday  10:15am - 11:45am

(From 95, take Rt. 54  West  to second stop light and turn right on Cottage Green Drive - go north to last right just before the end of Cottage Green Drive)

The Master’s Plan (for World Conquest) Jesus’s 8 Principles

 I.  Community Time: Brief Report Aim Leadership Team, A Gathering Time & Reading this week:

II. Opening Prayers and Praise

III. The Master’s Plan (for World Conquest)

  1. Selection

  2. Association

  3. Consecration

  4. Impartation (today)

  5. Demonstration (today)

  6. Delegation

  7. Supervision

  8. Reproduction

IV. Reviewing AIM’a Initial Strategies for “Association”. Sunday Worshi8p/Bible Study, Wednesday Prayer Gathering, Prayer Web, Life Transformation Groups (LTG’s); Common Weekly Readings, Other? What are our challenges to Association-TOGETHER?

V. “Consecration” (we reviewed): But, we didn’t identify our challenges like A Temptation to “short cuts” like ritual; rebellion against “Kavanah;” other?

VI. “Demonstration” may be the easiest principle to recognize!

VII. “Impartation”: God is a/the “Giving God"!” (His nature, essence, Name! In chapter r-we are reminded of some of God’s gifts-His imparting gifts given to us like: peace, joy, the keys of the Kingdom, glory….What else?

VIII. In Acts 20:35 Paul & Luke remind us in following Jesus-shat?

IX. So, if we “receive” the blessings of the gospel, salvation, peace, with God, hope, love, grace, everlasting life, etc. from God/Jesus what is incumbent upon us to do with what we are given? (Our Impartation!)

X. BUT, HOW? Read John 14: 15-17: “Another counselor or ….?”

XI.  On pages 62-63 Coleman points out Jesus’ compulsion for evangelism & our struggle-crisis with evangelism as he emphasizes a difference in Jesus’ sanctification vs. ours. He explains Biblically in Endnotes on pages 124-125.

XII. No wonder we are told: “Repent and believe the gospel!” (Mark1:15)

XIII. Bottom line: Is evangelism a human undertaking/project/program or God’s divine on-going design/purpose for world conquest because His name-nature-love is that “His is not willing that any perish?’

XIV. Closing Reminders/Prayers/Praise led by Stuart



Introducing You and Inviting You to

New Ways of Faith Expression!

“AIM” Church with an Ashland Impact Mission

To reach out to new subdivisions with the living gospel in new ways.

To be like Jesus for all of our neighbors including those in need with a meal and worship

   To provide Open Doors for Randolph Macon students to interact in celebration with their community neighbors.

   A movement, with our name coming from a hope and an intention to make a difference in Ashland, VA

      We are believers in Jesus Christ with a heart for Ashland