2017 AIM Church Weekly Messages Jan. - Oct.

Theme: “Family Matters and Learning What We Need To Know!”  

10/22 &10/29 Message Video:

“Conversations: What Are You Talking About!”

Scripture Lesson: John 16:33


10/22 Message:

“Learning How to Live and Think in a Fallen World!” Scripture Lesson: Matthew 6:9-10

 Message in PowerPoint

1.   John 16:33...One conclusion: “We are trying to live and make sense out of what does not make sense.” We are living in a fallen world!

2.   Read Revelation 21:1-4

3.   Does this help us understand why Jesus teaches us to pray in The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-10). What is the difference between God’s Kingdom in “a new heaven and a new earth” and “this world” Jesus refers to in John 16:33?

4.   In this fallen world we live in (and which Jesus is redeeming) note how God governs in Genesis 50:19-20 (Joseph and his 11 brothers). Note, too, what Paul advises in Romans 8:18 and 8:28 and 8:35-38.


10/15 Message: “Comfort Zones!”

Scripture Lesson: Matthew 26:36-46

Sunday 10/15 Message in PowerPoint:

     I.        Review Joshua 24:15 and Matthew 20:28

   II.        Looking at Matthew 20:28, what was Jesus’    specific mission?

 III.        Do you know what your specific mission or purpose in life is?

 IV.        Our Question From Last Week: “Where Do I Get Started?”

  V.        Let’s talk about “Comfort Zones” and Jesus’ Mission. Was The Lord’s Mission in or outside Jesus’ Comfort Zone?

 VI.        Read: Matthew 10:34-39

VII.        The Question A Christian Has To Face: “Is Believing in Jesus Going to Take Me Out of My Comfort Zone?”

VIII.        Is there a difference between “going to church” and “serving the Lord?”  What would Joshua say? What would Jesus say? How about us?


Theme: “Family Matters”

Message Preview Video

Scripture Lesson: Matthew 20:26-28

Message: “Let’s Play: What’s the Difference or Connecting the Dots!”

PowerPoint Slides:

1.   Joshua 24:15: An Eternal Challenge: “Choose this day whom you will serve!”

2.   Is there a difference between believing in God and Serving the Lord?  8 & 2:24 & 2:26 and Luke 14:25-27 & 14:33-35.

         3. Read Matthew 28:18-20. How did we connect the   “Great Commission” In growing up or in our “family matters” as parents or grandparents?

     4. Is there a difference between “going to church” and “serving the Lord?”

     5. Matthew 20:26-28

     6. Is there a difference in “serving” in Joshua 24:15 & Matthew 20:28?

     7. Read Matthew 22:37-39. Is there a difference or   connection between serving, loving, and giving?


Sunday October 1st is World Communion Sunday!

Theme: “Family Matters”

Scripture Lesson: Joshua 24:14-15

Message: “As For Me and My House, We Will…?”

Message Preview Vide

What do earthly parents & our Heavenly Father have in common?   What is the best gift that you ever received from your parents?    What is the best gift you have given to your children? What is the best gift our Heavenly Father wants to give to His children?  So, how can we help our children, parents and families address this.  How does Joshua handle his “Family Matters?   Is there a difference between believing in God and Serving the Lord?   2:18 & 2:24 & 2:26 and Luke 14:25-27 & 14:33-35.

 Looking at Matthew 28:18-20, is parenting in our own family matters relateted to our carrying out the Great Commission?


“Family Matters” is our fall theme as we tie in with Holy Spirit focus

Scripture Lesson: Proverbs 3:5-6

9/24 Message: “Helping Establish Priorities in Life”


9/17 Message “The Holy Spirit and Our Children!”

Scripture Lesson: Luke 11:1-13


9/10/2017 Message Ref. John 7: 37-39

9/3 Post Message & Preview of 9/10 Message Video

This Sunday, 9/10, we will consider Jesus’ proclamation: “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink! He who believes in Me (as the Scripture has said), Out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water!” Is Jesus referring to just “His heart,” or to your heart and mine? Does it depend on how “thirsty” we are? John’s gospel tells us in 7:39 that Jesus was referring to “the Spirit” calling it “rivers of living water.” Hmm! As Paul asked in Ephesus in Acts 19:2: “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?”


8/27 Message Preview Video

Fire in the Belly” Is there a difference in receiving the Holy Spirit and being filled with the Holy Spirit?

Scripture Lessons:

  Acts 1: 4-5 and Acts 2:4. Also, Read Acts 19: 1-7


8/20 How Much of the Holy Spirit do We Really Want?

Scripture Reference:  John Chapters 7 & 20

8/13I am sure we all believe in The Holy Spirit. But, what are our desires in relation to the Holy Spirit? To know about it? To be touched by The Holy Spirit? To be baptized by (or in) The Spirit? To be filled by/with The Holy Spirit? To be obedient to the Holy Spirit? To receive The Holy Spirit in order to go to heaven-but that’s enough? What? How much and how often? Hmm!

Message Preview Video


8/13 Message: “How Spiritual Are People Without Christ?”

Message Preview Video

Scripture Lessons: Acts 1:1-3 and John 7:1-2 and 7:37-39

For those of us last week-one terrific discussion! And, this week? It promises to be more of the same!

We celebrate our Communion with Christ this Sunday! May God put someone in our path to invite as we consider the question: "How Spiritual Are People Without Christ?" Hmm! I wonder how spiritual we followers of Christ really want to be! 


8/6 Message:

"Humanity's Creation and Fall: The So What of the Holy Spirit"

Genesis 1: 25-28 And Genesis 2:9 - 3:10

Message Preview Video


7/30 Message Theme: “The Trinity? SO WHAT?”   

Scripture Lessons: Numbers 21-4-9 and John 3:14-18

Message Preview Video

The Holy Spirit is on my mind. The Trinity! I think we take the full essence of who God is and who we are for granted. Is the Trinity really all that important? If there was no Trinity; if there was no Holy Spirit; you and I may not even enjoy any kind of relationship with our Creator and Redeemer!

Talk about “The Kiss of Death!” Wow!


Our Message for Sunday 7/23 is on:

"The Trinity" and "Names" and "Filters"

Scripture Lesson: Revelation 1

Message Preview Video 


7/16 Message

We continue in our "Quest for the Holy Spirit" in a "Season of Pentecost" this week. July is the month where America remembers its freedoms. We cherish our liberty. This Sunday at Aim we will seek to unravel

"The Mystery of the New Testament."

Scripture Lesson: Colossians 1:24-2:2

No longer is God simply "Emmanuel" (or God with us!" The truth is that God is, also, "Christ in us, the hope of Glory!" SO WHAT!" Here is a video summary of last Sunday's theme and an introduction to our concentration this week. Who can you invite to "Aim Church" this weekend? 



Our Weekly Message and Discussion on 7/9 is “What Does It Mean to Be Free?”  Scripture Lesson: John 8:31-38

7/9 Message Preview Video

7/9 Message Summary Video

July is the special month of “Freedom Celebration!” This “Season of Pentecost” reminds us that humanity lacks full freedom without The Holy Spirit within.

We have so many great symbols of freedom here in America like “The Statue of Liberty” in New York and “The Liberty Bell” in Philadelphia!

But, The greatest freedom is what Jesus talked about when He proclaimed to His followers-saying of His true disciples: “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free!”

“Free at last; free at last; thank God Almighty, we are free at last!” It’s the great quote from Martin Luther King’s greatest speech!!


July 2nd Message Theme:

“Misunderstandings: Why We Misunderstand!”

Summary Video

Scripture Lesson: 1st Corinthians 13:8-12

Additional References:

Ephesians 6:11-12 and 2nd Corinthians 4:17-18

 Read Galatians 5:13-15. And, read Galatians 5:19-25

How about Jesus’ teaching-does it apply in our disputes, arguments, marriages, politics, or ?...Check out Matthew 5:21-24; 5:43-48


On Sunday June 25th our Message and Discussion was on  “The Way!  Well, What Is The Right Way?”

6/18 Summary and 6/25 Preview Video

What an incredible worship time for Father’s Day at Aim on Father's Day as we shared about our Dads and growing up. What a challenge to be a father when Jesus teaches us to pray to God with this conception of the Lord: “Our Father, who art in Heaven!...” One person shared how much they loved their Dad; how fearful they were to “cross him or disobey him,” yet their fondest remembrance of getting sleepy and crawling up in her Dad’s lap! Her father was like a rock, a strong tower, a mighty fortress of protection, and a safe sanctuary! How much more the ideal father-The Father of all Fathers-The Lord God Almighty and our faithful Heavenly Father!

In addition to reading Proverbs 22:6, please take a look at Deuteronomy 6, Matthew 28:18-20 and Psalm 119 as this information helps interpret how we are to apply Deuteronomy 6 in our families and raising our children.


Sunday 6/18 we Celebrated “Father’s Day: And, "Why We Need The Holy Spirit In Family Life Raising Our Children!”

Scripture Lesson: Proverbs 22:6

People say, "There's no handbook for being "a father" (or mother). Well, maybe there is! There is this new book that came out fairly recently. It's called: "The Bible!" 

How many of us say things like: "If I only knew then-what I know now! (or, think I know-now!)" That's me

I confess that I did not have a mission's statement as a father. I probably should have. Ok-I should have! 

6/18 Message and Discussion Group Preview

You might want to pass this"Aim Preview" on to someone else or even invite someone to join us on Sunday 6/25.


June 11th Message and Discussion on:

“The Season of Pentecost and Our Age of The Holy Spirit!”

Reading:  Acts 2:29-41

And, Next Sunday 6/18 we Celebrate! “Father’s Day: Why We Need The Holy Spirit In Family Life Raising Our Children!”


5/28 Message Follow up & 6/4 Message Preview Video

Here is a summary of our last Sunday of the Easter Season-Memorial Day Sunday and a preview for this Sunday-our celebration of Pentecost. We couldn't help but note the similarities between the two Memorial Days we celebrate: One is yearly and honors our citizens who sacrifice and sometimes makes the ultimate sacrifice for fellow countrymen. The other is weekly-our Christian Sabbath as we honor the Lord Jesus who made the ultimate sacrifice-truly "The Ultimate Sacrifice of All Time": "While we were yet sinners (or enemies) Christ died for us!  " Truly, truly-The Cross is still  the reminder of "No Greater Love!"

Hope to see you this Sunday at Aim as we discuss our American motto and where we are in the challenge to live out: "In God We Trust!" 

May The Holy Spirit put someone on your mind to invite to share in our worship,


5/28 Message Preview Video 

On 5/28 we are still celebrating “The Season of Easter” (or Eastertide) between Jesus’ resurrection and Pentecost. So, as we discuss Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, we are discussing aspects of Jesus’ sacrifice, suffering, death, and resurrection that certainly find parallels in these observances. Great sacrifices have been made by our mothers and by those who serve our country. Jesus’ sacrifice was on behalf of all humankind “for God so loved the world”...

As we celebrate Memorial Day. We acknowledge sacrifice once again-this time by those in the military. Death in the service of our country is often referred to as "the ultimate sacrifice!" I suppose it is true, but it is only an imitation of the sacrifice of Jesus! He lays down His life, but not only for friends! "While we were yet enemies, Christ died for us!"


Sunday May 21st

Discussion and Message About

"How Could God Let Jesus Die on the Cross!"

Message Preview Video


5/14/ Mothers Day

Message Preview Video

And, a Special Celebration for Lance Ragsdale In Earning his Master's Degree in Cyber Security.

A Video: “The World’s Toughest Job!”

Worship and Expression of Adoration to God

          Opening Prayer,  “Time Has Gone” (song on video)

   Scripture Lessons: Luke 2:33-36 (Mary & Joseph presenting Jesus to The Lord)

Discussion of the sacrifices of love and the cost of parenting!


Sunday May 7th 9am - 10:30am  Recycling - Cont'd

Post 4/30 & Pre 5/7 Video


Theme is:  "Divine Recycling" - Cont'd

Scripture Lesson: Mark 1:14-20

Message: “The gospel recycles people!”

Message Preview Video

Have you been recycled? How many times? Has God done a re-cycling job on you-lately? Well, it's going to be an interesting discussion this Sunday!  I look forward to seeing you as we study Mark 1:14-20! 

Why not pass this along to a friend? Hey, why not invite them to join in a very lively discussion as we continue our Easter theme of "Recycling!  Blessings and I look forward to being back with you this 5th Sunday of April.


4/23 Message and Discussion Preview Video

From last Sunday 4/16/2017,  It seems that we can look at Easter as a recycling story!

What does Easter mean to you? How is Easter practically relevant to you? How can we make Easter practically relevant in our conversations or in our relationships with others in our circles of interaction? 


Easter Sunday 4/16/2017

For Easter Sunday, AIM will be having an outdoor service in our usual format of a worship theme and discussion just across the street from Tommy Nance's house around “The Gazebo Fire Pit.”

It’s within 2 minutes of Hanover Academy. For directions, google our home address: 10700 Providence Park Drive in Ashland, Va. 23005.

Because we believe this principle is important: “Out of the heart, the mouth speaks,” there is no sermon!  I prepare for one and share a lot. But, the points the Holy Spirit wants to make in our hearts comes through discussion and a conversational exchange in which we learn from one another!

So, on Easter, we will discuss “Divine Recycling!” You might discover this video humorous. It’s about the recycling of a former “Nance Farm” where evidently my great uncle Tom and my grandfather did a little “bootlegging” and sold that bootleg whiskey out of the back of Uncle Tom’s Confectionery on Hull Street in South Richmond! I can’t say that “The Nances” are proud to have bootlegging back there in our family tree, but the point is that land has now been recycled and is now a headquarters for law enforcement and not a haven for lawbreaking!

Curious about Easter, too!   A human body and the resurrection of Jesus, risen gloriously-from a body wasting away in a tomb!   REDEMPTION-from whoever we were in our failings and sins!  Divine recycling, I tell you!  Bring your lawn chair and listen in and join in as we share what promises to be a glorious and beautiful morning-in more ways than one!..


Worship for Fifth Sunday of Lent

Retelling the Story of "The Good Samaritan"

Message Preview Video

Scripture lesson: Luke 10:25-37

Message: “The Good Samaritan Surprise:

Who Is The Minister of the Gospel?”


Our theme: “Equipping You For Your Ministry!”

Message Preview Video

Read Ephesians 4:11-16

We will pinpoint the revelations God gave us in prayer and where we have seen the Holy Spirit moving in A.I.M.'s life this past year. This will be an awesome Sunday to the glory of God! 


Sunday March 19th Worship: 3rd Sunday of Lent

Theme: “Salvation’s Topline and Bottomline!”

Scripture Lessons: Numbers 6:25, Psalm 67:1-5,

Matthew 25:31-46


Sunday March 12th Worship: 2nd Sunday of Lent

Meditation: “How Are We Doing?

Message Preview Video

Scripture Lesson: Matthew 25:14:30


Sunday March 5th Theme is: "How are you doing?

We will be looking at Matthew 25 and the parable of the talents and applying it to our own lives and the life of Aim Church

Message Preview Video

Message Summary Video


2/26/2017 Message:

“Getting Ready for Final Exams at Midterm: “Ash Wednesday!”

Scripture Lessons: Matthew 10:5-6 and 2nd Corinthians 5:17-20

Message Preview Video

Message Summary Video


2/19/2017 Topic:  "Suppose the Bible is True!  (Continued)

Suppose God is not willing that any should perish (2nd Peter 3:9), Suppose no one is good/righteous & all are under sin (Romans 3), Suppose Romans 10:17 is true?  Hear these questions in Romans 10.

Additional References: Please Read Matthew 2: 7-12, Luke 2: 1-16 and Mark 14: 12-14 Luke 10: 25-35 and Luke 13: 14-16


2/12/2016 Theme: “Suppose the Bible is True!

Scripture Lessons: 2nd Corinthians 5:16-21

Suppose The Bible is God’s Word! Suppose “God’s Word Really Does Reflect God’s Will! Then, what?”

Additional References: 2nd Peter 3:8-13 - Romans 3:9-12 & Romans 3:21-24


2/5 Message Preview

Topic for discussion: The divisiveness we are experiencing in America! And, the Biblical roots and solutions for our challenges today!


January 29th Message:

Big question is: "How can we play bigger than we are?" Check out my preview inspired by a conversation with Bobby Ukrops 7 years ago at this link....

(Note:  This is the January 8, 2017 Message/Services/Subject which was cancelled due to snow, rescheduled for January 29th.)


January 22nd message: “Life Shipwrecked!”

Scripture Lesson: Acts 27:10, 15, 16, 18-20, 30-32, 42-44

For additional references, please view the following videos!


January 15 Discussion & Message Preview

Focus: “The Lord’s Prayer (and Luke’s Cliff Notes Summary!”

Scriptures: Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11:2-4

Theme “The Problems of Temptation and Sin!”


January 8th = Snow Day

New Years Day - No Service